You Ask, I Deliver

I have dressed like David Bowie a couple of times, usually after a good session with my Aladdin Sane LP, but technically if I dress androdgynous does it count as the other gender? And I went as Hedwig the Halloween before last, but then again…

I used to fold paper cranes and write poetry on post it notes and drop them from the 25th floor of my apartment in San Francisco…the things you do when you’re bored…

I can play the ukelele to an amusing extent. I’m trying to go pro with it…


and no.

I once broke the frame on an original Ansel Adams print that hangs in my front room, I felt so terrible because the frame was original too…nothing a little super glue won’t fix right?

No worms, but I have eaten unmentionable things that look like worms.

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