prelude to a quiz

Merton slipped into his mother’s brand new shoes, relishing the coolness of the Malono Blahnik label on his soles. He had removed them from the back of mommy’s closet without her knowledge, and there would be hell to pay if she ever found out. They were green strappy sandals with a 6 inch heel, and he had to move the buckle to the very last hole but they were still a bit loose. The thought of wearing them at Halloween gave him shivers.

He heard the floorboards creak. Mom’s back! He ripped the shoes off and threw them out the window. I’ll find them in the tulips later… were his last thoughts before his sister came bouncing into his room.

He quickly grabbed his old trumpet, and pretended to clean it. Opening the valve and blowing hard, the collected spittle flew at Lane, who shrieked, striking out at the offending instrument.

The blow hit the trumpet at an unfortunate angle and it buckled under the impact.

See what you’ve done! shouted Merton I’ll make you pay! I’ll make you eat earthworms later!

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