Wisp of Insecurity(I AM challenge)

I am a faker and a liar.
I wonder if I’ll be able to tell the truth at all.
I hear my friend’s personal life, while I make it all up.
I see a hundred stories that I tell as my life.
I want more excitement in my real life.
I am a storyteller.

I pretend that my life is more exciting.
I feel the admiration of my friends.
I touch the edges of popularity.
I worry that they’ll find out.
I cry imagining life with no friends at all.
I am insecure.

I understand that I should stop.
I say that I will.
I dream of my friends liking me because of my boring life.
I try to make this a reality.
I hope they don’t hate me.
I am a wisp of insecurity trying to be stronger.

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