The Woman In Black

The bounty hunter chased the woman in black across the valley of death. If she could make it to the sanctuary she would be safe. People would be waiting there for her. She would be protected. People who would help her keep her freedom and protect her from the bounty hunter. But right now it was all up to her. Suddenly something struck her sharply and painfully in between her shoulders in her back. The woman in black fell, tumbling down into the valley, onto its cavernous rocks. The woman in black struggled to hide among the rocks from the bounty hunter.
“I will surely die here,” she thought as pain ripped through her body. She watched helplessly as her life’s blood soaked the dry rocks of the valley. The bounty hunter and his apprentince approached the woman’s hiding place.
“Are you sure she was hit, Master?”
“Yes, I smell her blood. See the trail? She still breathes.”
The woman shuddered with fear. This bounty hunter was known for his vicious kills and taking no one alive. She prepared herself.She prayed.

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