Diary of Hanna. M . E. Banks 2

Dear Diary,
Houses in the city are so much smaller with tiny backgardens. There is hardly anyroom for afternoon tea!
What am I going to do here?
Anyway, I am starting in my new school tomorrow. Today I had a tour. My school is called Riverview High, not nearly as nice as Hillfield High ( that was the school I was going to go to for Grade 9).
I had a tour as I was saying, there were a couple nice looking girls there, a few guys, a few weird teachers…
But I am not really into the whole dating thing. I think it’s stupid. I mean why mess up a perfectly good friendship for two months of fun in the sun, only to find that he is cheating on you with your good friend Lacy? Not that that ever happened to me, of course.
Well actually it did. He was amazing and he had brown hair and green eyes, like me. He was perfect, then that skank Lacy stole him. Arghhhhh! Maybe it was good to leave.

Hanna M.E. Banks

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