“Great, well I’ll see you around and on Thursday outside the school? Sweet deal! Bye!” I said happily.

I whipped around and ‘accidentaly’ bumped into Kevin. Whoops! My bad!

After a couple steps I heard my name.”Chloe, right?” a soft voice said.

“Um, yeah. Who are you?” I asked

“I am Alex, Kevin’s girlfriend! Yeah, that’s me!”
Oh dear god! What am I doing going out with her cousin?

“Oh Alex, uhhh, what’s up?” I asked pretending to be casual.

“I was just wondering that since you are going with my cousin, you know to the dance, would you like to go with Kevin and I?” Does she have any idea about Kevin and me?

“Oh, that might be a little awkward don’t you think? I mean because all of the history between me and Kevin.” I said calmly.

“History? What history?”

I stared dumbfounded at her. Kevin didn’t tell her about us? Idiot!

“Oh nevermind, I was talking about a history project. Yeah, Adrian and I will come with you. Just tell him, okay? Bye.”

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