Diary of Hanna M.E. Banks 3

Dear Diary,
My first school day wasn’t that bad. I met some very nice girls, Miranda, Julia and I met a British teacher who seemed very interested in me. I don’t know what that was about. There is also one guy that I met. His name is Chris Warren. He is absolutley gorgeous very nice. He is captain of the football team (soccer), in this weird place. He is in many of my classes along with Miranda. Julia is in only three of them. I think that we will be very good friends.

Now, I hope that Julia and Miranda don’t turn out to be one of those stupid, hair flipping boy-obsessed girls. I mean in my village there was only one guy who was your boyfriend, no other men were on your life until you brokeup with the guy.
Here everyine cheats on eachother. It is dreadful, but no worries, I think I am definitely going to enjoy this school year!

Grade nine! Wow! Whoops, I must go, afternoon tea time!

Hanna M. E. Banks

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