The Pillar - Prince Protocol

Captain Salis watched anxiously as his superiors analyzed the readings and video the boarding party transmitted from The Pillar.

Stine was patched in from the airlock on comm, but not on video.

It was quiet.

Salis muted the transmitter to Command and addressed his X.O. “How much air do you boys have, Jim?”

Another 86 minutes, Sir. came the disembodied reply.

“Hopefully, we can get you back inside before then, but if not, I’ll have a shuttle docked at your airlock. Protocol.”

Understood, sir. I think we’re all ready to get out of these suits. said Stine.

Salis, having never taken his attention away from the viewscreen, noticed the Admirals on the other side of space composing themselves to reopen dialogue. Salis unmuted the line.

Admiral Hayes looked through the screen. “Looks like the real thing, Captain. Has there been any further contact with Relk or any other Royals found?”

Negative, Admiral. But Relk followed us to the airlock.

“Initiate Prince Protocol.”

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