Never Knew

I never knew. Its eyes are glowing in the golden sunlight. The sunlight from heaven, illuminating the creature from hell.

Its fangs appeare from behind the folds of its gray skin, as it sinisterly smile.

My right arm hangs limp at my side. Why did Jane go into the storage house?! I wouldn’t be here right now if I hadn’t followed that idiot of a girl! We would both be in the plane!

It was her fault that this was happening. I wonder if she’s still alive. We parted not five minutes ago, but that gives me no comfort. No one is safe.

I cling tightly to gun in my right hand. It will only make things worse if I fire it, angering the creature without harming it.

Running won’t work either. It’s much faster than I am. Even if I got a head start, one leap and it would be in front of me.

But, how long can I stand here? How long will it stay here, staring into my eyes, before it attacks?

It has no reason to keep me alive. And it won’t.

But why is it waiting? I need to come up with something

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