I am... (200something Challenge)

I AM …

I am alone.
I wonder if I will always feel this way.
I hear laughter and wonder at the joke.
I see the smiles that surround me and wonder when I lost mine.
I want to join in the laughter.
I am alone.

I pretend that everything is fine.
I feel like my world has shattered.
I touch my hand to my chest expecting to not feel my heart beat within.
I worry that even though it beats strongly it just hasn’t realized it’s shattered.
I cry from sorrow that is too much to bear.
I am alone.

I understand the pain is never ending.
I say that everything is fine as I smile and nod to those that surround me.
I dream of all that I have lost.
I try not to cry in my sleep and to seek peace.
I hope one day that the pain will end.
I am alone.

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