I Am... I Think [[I AM Challenge]]

I am watching life go on without me.
I wonder if time will be merciful and stop.
I hear the sounds of laughter,
I see the tears that fall from the sky,
I want to splash in the puddles.
I am a mystery to even my self.

I pretend that I know everything, but
I feel like I only know questions.
I touch broken hearts and try to mend them, but
I worry that I will crumple them even more.
I cry because I now know the answer.
I am not perfect, but nothing is.

I understand you when you say, “It’s over.”
I say, “Don’t walk away quite yet.”
I dream that love lasts forever, and that time will wait.
I try to prove that to the world, but people are impatient.
I hope that it really isn’t over, but
I am not sure if it truly is the end, because, like all other human beings, I don’t have all the answers.

Do you?

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