The Pillar - Communicate

He could see The Hammer drifting away through the window. His chest was moving. Impossibly breathing. Relk remembered everything, but didn’t comprehend it.

The glow of his own eyes reflected back in the window.

Communicate. he thought suddenly.

Leaving the airlock, he drifted the corridors of The Pillar. Passing Captain Lang’s quarters, he noticed a glass hanging in the air, surrounded by frozen whiskey. I remember this.

Communicate. Again. Instinctive.

Two minutes later, he stood on the deck of C.I.C. There was no light, but his eyes seemed to adjust.

Approaching the console, his right hand reached out very naturally, touching the back of the chair as it had a thousand times before. It guided his descent into the familiar seat. Then, a burst of blue energy leapt from his fingertips and the console powered on.

He wanted to reach out across the distance and talk to his friends on The Hammer. He needed help. He pressed the broadcast button.

“Surrender.” he commanded.

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