A chance encounter

Spencer got home from work. As his garage door opened, he saw a grey streak disappear behind a cupboard.

He carefully approached the cupboard, and quickly poked a broomstick in behind it. The grey streak shot up the broomstick. As it jumped for his face, he caught it in mid air.

Inspecting the creature, he was both fascinated and repulsed. What was this thing? It looked like it could be from a rain forest, and yet it had an eerie intelligence behind those yellow eyes.

Unsure what to do with this creature, he walked into the kitchen, looking in the storage cupboard for the cage that had been recently vacated by the kids’ last hamster.

As he walked around he noticed the creature starting to vibrate slightly. He stumbled, and his vision blurred. He thought he heard, as if from far away, a voice saying “Aha, the egress module has finally activated”.

With a load CRACK ! the creature disappeared, leaving behind a stench of ozone and a funny purple stain on his hand.

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