Stopping for Gas

“Allyâ€? John said as he tapped on the car window to wake her.

“It’s not the cleanest, but they take checksâ€? he continued with a kooky grin on his face as he held up a hub cab with a chain and key hanging off it. She frowned back.

Ally stepped out of the car, and looked around. The gas station had 2 old men playing checkers. If it only had an old fashioned gas pump that said petrol it would be a perfect Norman Rockwell painting, she thought.

“Don’t tell me…we’re in Mayberry,â€? she said sarcastically taking the hubcab and heading toward the restroom. She didn’t like the way that sounded, but she was too tired to appologize.

She leaned on the sink and splashed water on her face. “Another bounced check so they can follow us“, she mumbled to herself as she dried her face and pulled her flowing blond hair into a pony tail. She stepped out of the restroom.

“The pickles broke openâ€?, John said with his head buried in the trunk.

“Great. No more Gurkens.â€? She huffed as she got back in the car.

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