Under the Elm(5)

Shane crept out through the back entrance; it was pretty creepy how silently a big dude like that could move. I murmered some excuse about watching the others and settled down to wait in the tent. I listened intently, trying to hear over the heavy beating of my heart in my ears. I gulped heavily and grabbed a flimsy looking flashlight as I heard footsteps patter quietly on the soft ground. Suddenly, I heard Shane give an animalistic growl that was followed by a high pitched scream and sounds of scuffling.

I gulped noisly again and dove out the front of the tent to help Shane.

I lunged out of the opening, unable to see much in the smoky pre-dawn air. I saw the scuffle and jumped on top, giving what I hoped was an intimidating scream. I grabbed and punched wildly, but nothing connected until I grabbed a fistful of long hair. Wait, hair?. I was dumbfounded, guys dont have long hair. Then I heard Shane laugh nd I looked down at my victim.


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