The pod slammed into the Arvian cruiser, the impact throwing us around like ragdolls, even in our newly advanced form. Then the doors opened with a pneumatic hiss.

There were millions of them. They crawled up the walls, disappeared into countless hallways, and gorged themselves on captured human deaders. The ones I was most concerned about however, were the ones with the guns pointed at us. All 60 of them.

Their leader saw us and gave a suspicious hiss as he looked us over. A series of warbles and clicks echoed in the silence as he ambled over to us. I started to sweat heavily and reached for the bomb. I started to say something snappy, like those guys in the holo- vids, but all that came out was a low pitched fart noise. The Arvians all backed up and seemed extremely surprised. They looked at each other in confusion and I decided to try my luck again. This time, I got a high pitch screetch that seemed to frighten them. Apparently I can speak Arvian now.

Excellent. Now if I could only find the Queen.

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