A Lover

Ah! He was running off again!
When she’d ordered him, she had been under the impression that he would be loyal, and always stay with her.
A bit like a dog. Perhaps she should have just gone and gotten a puppy…
She started after him, but it wasn’t really useful. He was in amazing shape, one of the things that the factory built into their lovers, and there was no way that she would ever catch him.
She stopped a few blocks down, gasping from the run.
As she bent over to catch her breath, someone came up from behind and gave her a one armed hug. She whirled, but it was only him, and in one arm he had a puppy that looked like it had been mistreated.
He held it out to her.
“We should take him to the vet”
She stared, stunned.
“How did you find it?”
“Couldn’t you hear him whining? Someone dumped this poor boy in that alley over there. Don’t you want a dog?”

As they drove to the vet’s office, she thought about her “product”. The factory hadn’t said anything about super-hearing. She smiled.

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