Battling a demon

Cyinn drew his sword, confident and quick. His left arm shifted, hand gripping hard leather, adjusting the tower shield so it took another blow from the demons bastard sword. Flames shimmered across the shields surface from the contact.

“Merc, get behind him and do some damage. Conny keep that barrier on me, and see if you can’t wrangle me a little healing. This damn beast is burning my arm right up.” Cyinn called out orders with confidence, his eyes scanning left and right out of the visor on his full helm.

Merc branched off to the side, rolling under a swipe from the beasts barbed tail. He snapped back the hammers on both of his flintlock pistols as he returned to his feet and spun around, letting twin slugs fly into the beasts back. It staggered but kept its assault going.

Showing more fear than bravery, was Conny. Her dwarven figure making her fairly safe behind the larger, heavily armored, Cyinn. In her hands she held a leather bound book and was softly stuttering prayers. The tomes cover glowed blue.

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