Bringing Back The Heather And Shade Series!

Shade came in, led by the hand of a six year old with bright red hair, with natural black lowlights. She looked exactly like her father… when he was in human form. My eyes widened and I looked at Shade.

“No, Heather. You’re not calling Mikey. You shoulda seen our last phone bill!”

“Who’s using the house phone? I’m using the cell. We don’t even get a bill for that one.”

“Yeah, I’m still confused on how you did that,” he replied, a confused look covering his face. He was adorable.

“It’s best you don’t know,” I told him, smiling.

“You’re not breaking the law, are you?”

“No, it’s completely legal.” I had almost forgotten Ember.

“When are we gonna train? I really wanna get it done!” She had brilliant English and understanding of the world at six… I guess it comes with being half Time Lord.

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