Fallen Angel (Pt. 10)

“Okay, Loretta! Enough!”

Loretta looked over at Frido, and let the lever fall back to the neutral position.

“But I was having so much fun! It was so very much better than I expected!”

Frido chuckled.

“Ah, yes, there’s no feeling at all in the world like torture and pain, my dear, no feeling at all…”

Dr. Ochentaker quickly jumped down from his huge control station, and walked out the sliding glass door, saying something about food.

Loretta just leaned on the control station and smiled at the absurdity of life. Frido was right. Giving your pain to someone else, there just wasn’t anything else like it.

Except the one feeling she had been denied all of her life, in any shape or size.

The feeling of love.

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