Searching For a Cure

Callum had vanished two days ago. He knew they would be looking for him.
He did not wish to be found.
When the moon was full, he changed, he became a monster.
He could not allow his loved ones to see him like this.
There were others like him, but they did not commit horrible murders like he did.
Callum was ashamed of what he had become. He learned there may be a cure and left town in search of a Dr. Proto in Scandinavia.
Approaching the door to Dr. Proto’s office, Callum hesitated. He heard voices inside, stepping into the alleyway as the door opened a woman emerged.
It was Vanessa. She had tracked him here.
What did she know?, was she trying to help him or sabotage him? Did she want him cured? Or did she want him to be a wolf like her?
He waited a few moments and went into the doctors office.
“Do you have an appointment?,â€? asked a receptionist.
“I need to see the doctor, it’s urgent,â€? Callum barked.
She quickly got the doctor.
“How may I assist you Sir?,â€? Dr. Proto asked.
“Cure me,â€? said Callum.

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