Hunter for the Castle in the Air

There was a hesitant knock at the door of Vale’s chambers at the pinnacle of the tower. After receiving muffled permission to enter, a portly man squeezed through the portal.

“Dungeon-keeper,” said Vale, rising to welcome his summoned visitor. They briefly clasped hands.

“I came as quickly as I could, with the difference in time…”

Vale raised a hand to stop his explanation. “I’m aware of the discrepancies below.”

“Why am I summoned?” asked the keeper.

“Because two of your charges have escaped the dungeon!”

Confusion spread over the man’s face.

“Roland and Jacques? They had keys, I assumed their sentence was up. It’s not like I can tell how long it’s been, down there.”

“You thought legitimately released prisoners would use personal keys at the gateway. No escort? No fanfare? Especially those two? No, I’m afraid their release was a well-meaning mistake.”

“So what do you want from me?” he asked.

“They are dangerous and need to be returned to the dungeon. By any means necessary.”

Cain nodded sadly.

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