Too Forward

Jameson blinked, staring at Becca. He noticed that her lower lip curved in the most delicious way. He was tempted, almost, to bite it. He shook his head, as if to drive away that impulsive, impossible desire. Whoa, he thought to himself. What was in that beer!

To his immense consternation, Becca began to blush, tides of rosy red cresting over the peaks of her cheekbones. He wondered, for one insane second, if she could read minds.

“I’m being too forward, aren’t I. I’m so bad. I’m so bad! Sassy always warns me that I’m too forward with guys.”

As Jameson listened to Becca babble, his nerves slowly relaxed and he felt in control again. He tightened his grip on the beer bottle and took a deep drink, emptying it. Something caught his eye and he turned and saw Sassy dancing with Paul, her hips swaying to the beat. The music grew louder.

Becca tugged on his hand and whispered, “Just tell me one thing – am I too forward?”

He smiled as he pulled her onto the dance floor. “I wouldn’t want you any other way.”

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