Death in the Castle in the Air

The black clouds released their contents, and in a matter of minutes the rain was falling in thick, dense sheets. Being so high up, the thunder seemed closer than ever.

The three turned to see Roland, looking much taller and stronger than he ever had before, both hands outstretched toward them, fingers extended.

“You foolish man,” Roland shouted at Cain, who brandished his deadly-looking warhammer. “Don’t you understand? Your mortal weapons are nothing to me.”

Roland closed his hands into fists and Cain made a stifled, choking sound and clutched his neck.

“Did you think I would willingly descend back into the world where I was a mere farmhand, milking cows and sowing fields to make a living?” Fire flashed in Roland’s eyes as lightening lept from a cloud to the highest turret of the castle. “Here I am a king!”

He raised his arms and Cain fell to the ground in a crumpled heap.

Roland turned to unleash his fury on Jacques – the only who stood in his way – and the girl, only they had vanished.

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