Here Walks the Giants

Qubeah, the youngest member of his family and tribe, was on his way to celebrate his day of maturity with his first chance at mending the giants cage. The giants were huge creatures that would strike you down with lightning if you ventured too close, the cages kept that from happening and formed the borders between tribal lands. While testing the skills his father, the tribe’s Master Mender, had taught him, the neighboring tribe, the Liegth, attacked.
All Qubeah could do was grip his half-repaired portion of the fence and watch in horror as at least a hundred warriors poured out of the tunnel before the mage could work his fire-magic and close the tunnel with a tremendous thunder. Even though enemy warriors were fought back and reinforcements kept from arriving, they could not be stopped before Qubeah’s father, who was also the tribe’s leader, was killed. His tribe, the Twe-ban, must choose a new leader before another attack is launched by the Leigth.

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