Samurai showdown in walmart.(Don Quixote De La Suburbia Chapter I)

That sword looked so real, almost like the ones i had seen
in the museum back home in Nagasaki, but why was he holding it?
Think sonny!! why is this nut dressed like a samurai, in the middle of walmart? and why is he telling you to prepare to die?-This has to be a prank. i thought to myself
“Ok you got me who are you under that mask? someone from work right?”
Just then he moved with lightning strokes only the width of a hair from my scalp, and i saw the rack of fruity pebbles sliced in half like a light saber from Darth Vader had been used to sort through them; i realized this prank was deadly.
“A warrior like yourself, Sonny of Los Filas, should never be unarmed, are you trying to trick me into letting my guard down?” he demanded.
Somehow as i instinctively stepped right and deflected the razor-sharp katana into a stack of “tickle me Elmos” i realized that he knew my name and where i was from. What i should have asked myself is how was i bending and blocking this master with a T.J max purple umbrella?

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