The Plan

At any second I was expecting to hit the ground. Then I realized that I wasn’t actually falling. The air going past my face wasn’t going in any particular direction and the light around me was almost like ifinity, if infinity produced enough light to almost blind you.
As I hung there, staring into infinity, thoughts started popping into my head, thoughts that seemed oddly alien to me. The longer I hung there the faster the thoughts raced through my head. As the racing thoughts went faster, they started to form into one cohesive thought.
The thought that formed from the other thought was this:

Earth is going to be destroyed! I must save Earth!

When I actually realized what the thought was, I closed my eyes and wished I was back on the ship.
The next thing I heard was somebody banging on the airlock door, trying to figure out what I was doing.
I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I know what I will do:

I will save the Earth.

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