The Ficlet Ficlet Sequel

I mean, it’s just so frustrating, isn’t it? The whole cats and dead homeless people game? And then add in this weird compulsive streak and suddenly I’m counting characters as if I’m under some kind of constraint or something. I don’t know why, I just feel like something bad will happen when I hit 1024.

What I could really use right now is a donut. And a fire extinguisher for the rapidly growing grease fire in the kitchen. Although I guess a fire would pretty much handle my homeless guy problem. Man did that guy smell!

Was I wrong to beat him to death, though? Was that taking it too far? All he did was ask me for a dollar, and refuse to give me one of his donuts. Maybe I overreacted.

One thing is for sure. This orange cat with green eyes, which may or may not be the same cat from the Toaster Adventures, is offering me absolutely no help whatsoever. What good is a talking cat who won’t talk?

And why can’t I come up with an idea for a story? I feel like this sequel is going just as nowhere as the original.

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