"I've had the time of my life..."

Becca stepped into the circle and stood on tiptoe to whisper in Jameson’s ear. The crowd kept clapping rhythmically, waiting, knowing somehow that something exciting was about to happen. Jameson listened intently to Becca, and then said, “Oh man, are you sure?”

Becca smiled back up at him, a tantalizing smile curving that lower lip again. “Do it for me, Jameson. Please?”

It was the way she said his name that did it. “All right. Only ‘cause it’s you.”

Becca walked some distance away, forcing the crowd to open their circle wider, and waited for a beat. The clapping started in earnest now, some wise guys in the bunch even throwing some catcalls and whistles.

Jameson nodded at Becca, gulping as he did so. Oh man, Paul is never going to let me live this down, he thought, as Becca began running full tilt at him. He caught her neatly in his arms and held up her up, her petite body horizontal, spinning her slightly.

A girl in the crowd could be heard saying, “Oh my God, that’s the scene from Dirty Dancing!”

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