I Am Challenge( I am Doomed): A Poem

I am one whose friends betray him.
I am one who is accused of betrayal.
I am one whom life has sucker punched.
I am in grief.
I am in sadness.
I am in toil.
I am regretful
I am hurting beyond repair.
I am friendless.
I am fighting.
I am hardened by life.
I am a mask wearer.
I am a phony
I am a liar.
I am a fake.

I am a friend.
I am loyal.
I have endured life’s hard knocks.
I am recovering.

I am truth.
I am life.
I am happiness.
I am true.


I am alone.
I am used.
I am abused.
I am hated.
I am ignored.
I am afraid.
I am soul less.
I am demon.
I am legion
I am doomed to eternal fire.

There was no cure. No way back to who I was.

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