The Unification of the Castle in the Air

“Don’t you understand?” Vale said, anger flashing in his eyes. “The castle continues to fall preciesly because Jacques has returned. The throne is his. It is time he assumed his rightful place as King in a united kingdom on the ground. The Still is over. The Unification is already well underway. Now that you have both returned, the process has already begun to speed up.”

Roland stared at the old man with disbelief in his eyes. “Lies!” he shouted, blasting Vale with his raw power.

Vale crumpled to the floor and did not move for a long moment. Then his head rose slowly, his eyes sad. “This land, this kingdom, it is not meant for you.” Vale closed his eyes and, muttering a few inaudible words, vanished.

“No!” Roland shouted, rushing at the spot Vale had occupied only seconds before.

He began to pace across the small, cramped room, and he knew, even as he did so, that not even Vale’s most powerful books could help him. The castle? Descending? This was news even to him.

He had to do something.

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