One Vampire, One Werewolf, One Forbidden Love, P.31

My werewolf half told me to run, to resist, but instead my lips started moving with his, my own resting themselves on his soft but granite cheeks. After a minute or two we pulled apart, our breathing was very ragged. His liquid green/grey eyes held mine, passion slowly being hidden, his breath was sweet smelling and I thought I might pass out. My cell phone rang breaking the silence, I was reluctant to pull way. “Hello?” I asked in to the phone, my mother’s frantic voice could be heard over the receiver.

She asked why I wasn’t home yet and at each word her voice raised up an octave and increased in speed. “Sorry, homework, I’ll be home in a minute.â€? That was the end of that, she hung up hastily with a small goodbye. I closed the phone and smiled weakly, “sorry I have to go before my mom has a cow.â€?

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