The Pillar - Corporal Blake

Corporal Blake’s entire body was tense. He was panting heavily, sweat beading from his head and fogging his HUD -visor. But it was gone. That thing. It had disappeared in a blazing flash of light.

He swiveled his chair to survey the room. The Port Gun Control Room was unchanged. Undamaged. But also empty. Phelps and Hendricks were gone. Only a HUD -visor lay on the floor, rocking gently as if someone had lightly kicked it.

“What the hell,” he muttered aloud, confused.

He turned to his console and pulled a status report. No damage to gun systems, no shots fired, GCR door locked from inside.

Activating his comm, he reported his situation. “Damage Control, Port Gun Control.”

Go..G…Go, GC. came a shaky voice.

“Systems nominal, DC. But Captain Hendricks and Corporal Phelps are MIA .” He looked around again. “They’re gone.”

Copy, GC. No instructions at this time.

Blake had never been alone in here before. It’s against Regs. It was too damn quiet.

And his eyes hurt.

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