Re: Hi

Hail, Your Lordship, future ruler of the Galilean Dominion!

I appreciate your predictions on my coming ascendancy to the Martian throne. For too long I have been forced to live beside these hairless apes, hiding from the usurpers that seized my empire. With you at my side, the Molluscs and their Tripod war-machines won’t stand a chance, and I will finally take my rightful place as The Tarzan, King of Mars.

Once I have taken Helium’s Throne, my armada will join your forces and we will take the asteroid belt, using it as a staging point for my – I mean our – glorious conquest of Earth. I ask but one concession: I get Australia.

Perhaps I WILL write the story of our domination of the Earth. When our enemies read it, they will know dread, for written in blood will be the the tale of their destruction! A demoralized enemy is a defeated enemy, or so they say on the damned world of Apokolips, LOL !

It is good to make your acquaintance, sir. Soon, all the worlds shall tremble. Our time of triumph is at hand!

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