It's me Lucy!

Call me ape! That compliment. He roach. Being hairy no sin. Him no let me shave. I found out ‘bout waxing. I should have listened, but anything to get away from my small village in Southern India. I want an education! Mail order was my parents answer to our money problems. Sell me! Yuk! But I tried be good wife. I am young. Him old. Have no teeth, no drive and grossly fat. Him wants to watch bowling all day. Fine then lets go to bowling alley. No! We do nothing! I want to go school. No, he won’t let me. Who is Lucy anyway? She dead, better off than me. But, I got help. Today I leave ‘fore he wake. I go by train, then bus, and last foot. I in new country with chances for people like me. I legal in U.S. In India husband who no want his wife kill her. I leave. I know. Find someone that want me hair or no hair. The diabolical (new word) bastard! I learn english & American customs good. Make something of myself. Dear Sa-tann, I gone they hide me. Here is some hair to remind you of me. Bye, Lucy

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