Ginny and Copper Buy Bread

I pretended not to notice the fiery red tinge that was seeping up the girl’s face as I helped her up. I didn’t know what it was for – did I wet my pants or something? Hopefully not – not in front of her, anyway. I know I wasn’t looking for girls, but she was kind of cute. I guess.

Yeah. She was.

I glanced expectantly at her for a second. She blushed harder. “Oh – yeah, I’m…Ginny. Short for…Ginny.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Copper.”

We both turned around as if the whole thing had never happened. I even stuffed my hands in my pockets and whistled a weak tune. Then I remembered what I was supposed to get.

I winced as both our hands landed on the same loaf of bread. It was like some sort of chick flick…but wow, her hands were soft.

“Sorry, wrong brand,” I blurted and headed for the Sunbeam.

Then I got the heck out of there.

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