Is writer's block THAT bad?

Swords clashing and spells flung across a field of combatants, all fighting for what they believe in. An epic battle that changes the course of history.

Stolen moments beneath the willow tree, by a fast-flowing river. Happiness that lasts for but a moment, but sustains you for a lifetime.

Burning passion. Icy fear. Choking rage. Cold fury. Bright love. Black despair. They’re all in my head. I can see them, feel them, touch them and at times, even taste and hear them.

I just can’t say them.

It’s not that I don’t want to, but it’s not really that bad. For just a moment in time, until I have the words, I have the world’s most marvelous story in my mind.

Even better, it’s all mine. Mine and mine alone, until I find someone to share it with. The greatest story ever told, and it’s my little secret.

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