Only Child

“Only Child” was Chelsea Selsia’s middle name. Okay, her middle name was actually Lucia, but it very well could have been Only Child. She had no siblings, cousins, or anything like it. Her parents had been in the same situation; their parents too. This strange phenomenon had brought Chelsea’s parents and grandparents together. And, seeing as her grandparents had died before her birth, Chelsea had her parents and no one else.

Chelsea had been home-schooled all her life, and other than her parents, the only people she’d met were her baby-sitter from years before and the occasional doctor.

Mr. and Mrs. Selsia were full-time workers, 7 a.m until 10 p.m, everyday, all week. Every year Chelsea’s parents would take off three days for Christmas and five other days for whatever.

Since she had turned ten, Chelsea Selsia was virtually alone all day. And as she completed her chemistry homework, oblivious to the sirens in the distance, never did Chelsea know she would find herself longing to have this life back.

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