Create Your Own Adventure (aka, the literary fantasy railroad... but enjoy the ride!)

Along the road you trudge, with a pack full of gear: some rations, a mirror, a couple of torches and some (heavy) rope. You seek fame and fortune. Although your only weapon is a old family dagger tucked in your belt, you are confident that you’ll be able to slay some beastly foes, or at least a few larger rats to gain some coin. Then you’ll be able to buy that longsword that you’ve dreamed out.

You grew up in the farmlands of the Vale, hearing the legends of the hamlet of Valorvale. The giant oak tree and its golden acorns gave you many hours of dreams. You would rescue a local damsel in distress and as a reward, gain one of the hoarded acorns. With that acorn, you would travel to the Dark Lands and secure an even richer reward on a noble quest.

Your grand dreams are dashed by the sight of a strange figure hobbling down the road in front of you. It seems strangely dressed, and you can’t make out the face in the deep hood of the dark cloak.

Do you ignore the stranger(1) or talk(2) to him?

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