The Mysterious Man

“Excuse me, sir,”I say,as the figure approaches,”Do you need any help?”

As he comes closer,I can see he is an old man,his face wrinkled by all of the years he has seen. “I think the real question is,”he replies,mysteriously,”Do you need help?”

“No,sir,I’m really alright.I have everything I need.Are you sure you don’t want anything? Perhaps some directions,some food.I don’t have much,but what I have I’m happy to share.”

I reach into my pack,pulling out the bread stored in it. “No, no,” he says, waving away my offer. “I too have all I need.And more.But for the kindness you have shown me today, I’ll give you this.”

He reaches deep into his cloak, and pulls out something small and shiny. “Here,” he says,handing me a coin.”This will serve you well on your journey.Use it to buy something…useful.”

“Oh,no,sir,that’s alright,”I say, trying to give it back.”I really have everything I need.You keep it.”

“Well, take it anyway.Just in case.Besides,I’m told that these are…quite valuable nowadays.”

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