Jasper stared into the eyes of the demon. At least he thought it was a demon. The book he conjured it from wasn’t exactly clear on details. He did think that it would do a bit more. It had appeared over an hour ago and hadn’t moved an inch.

All the horror movies that Jasper watched suggested that they were ferocious monsters with bright red skin, horns, and long pointed tails. This had a grayish color to its skin and stood less than two feet tall. It looked more like a child’s toy version of a demon.

This was his first real try at a majick trick and he wasn’t exactly sure what to do next. He figured that he waited long enough though. He was meeting Jessica for dinner later and no demon from the eighth circle of hell was going to be a good enough excuse for standing her up. He inched closer to the thing and reached out to touch it on the shoulder.

It began to shudder and its large eyes glimmered with what looked like tears…

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