Ocean Madness

But beauty is only skin deep. If one looks deeper, you will notice a swirling, rushing madness beneath. The deeper you look, the darker it becomes. Who can tell what really lies beyond that mystic, crystalline surface?
A fish? Likely.
A shark? Still a possibility.
Neptune, king of the seaworld? Maybe, if you believe in such.
The Lochness Monster? Impossible. But is it really that far of a stretch to say that under the beautiful, swirling, life-giving water, there could be a monster?
I once thought as such. But now it’s different. Now I can’t even approach water without wondering what horrors lie beneath. I once could take a swim without a care in the world. It used to be one of my favorite things. But not anymore. Not since I chose to dive below the safe surface and poke my nose where it didn’t belong. Yes, I chose to explore the eighth wonder of the world, but it came with a price.

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