Simple Case 2 [Out of Order Challenge]

Albrecht hated working motel scenes, something about dying in a motel unnerved him deep down inside. The forgotten remnants of past visitors mingled with the fresh blood of the dead couple who had most recently shared the room.

“What’s the word Cole?â€? The Detective called from the door way to one of the forensic unit, who was bagging a devilish looking knife that was caked in blood.


’Filthy things’ it thought. The air tasted good to its tendrils as it stretched out, absorbing some of the nearby light from a neon sign that illuminated the exterior of a strip club across from where the man, his temples showing gray, was letting the much younger lady into his vehicle. It felt how physically uncomfortable she was in her tight dress and black boots.


“Bill piled this extra wor-“ Dale grimaced and shifted his ear away from the cell phone, causing it to slide off his shoulder. He swore as he instinctively went to catch it with his right hand, spilling the baggy he had just got open all over his suit.

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