Simple Case 3 [Out of Order Challenge]

“Dale McAdams, 44 year old male and Rita Fields, a local prostitute, age 23.â€? Cole replied, carefully zipping the evidence bag up around the serrated knife and placing it in a larger duffel bag. “It looks like there was a struggle, then he got this knife and went to town on her, and than took the blade to his own wrists, nasty shit. You’re the detective though, Pal.â€?


It followed the car as it pulled away from the curb, shifting from shadow to shadow all the way to the motel where the mismatched couple got out and paid for a night. It followed them into the room, tasting the man’s lust and the woman’s detachment as it shifted unseen through the air around them. It sensed something else as well, something to be fed and built, something primal.


“Son of a-“ Dale started, and then took a breathe and threw the now empty baggy into the passenger seat. He fished the phone out of his lap where it had landed and put it back to his ear, the sweet sound of the dial tone had replaced his wife’s loud ranting.

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