Simple Case 4 [Out of Order Challenge]

Albrecht nodded, Cole pretty much wrapped up his own thoughts on the scene so far. He knew the hardest part of this case would be the paperwork. With a deep sigh, Albrecht stepped into the crime scene.


With some prodding the show played out in the most beautifully grotesque way. The thing manifested itself into the scene at the climax, and as its sharp edge sliced through both air and flesh it found itself reminded of simpler times, bloodier times, and most definitely tastier times.


’Just another thing she can bitch to the counselor about’ Dale found himself thinking as he snorted a little of the coke off his collar. Looking back to the road he saw what he was looking for and pulled over.

Dale found the motions of the barter to be more invigorating than the actual events he was attempting to pay for, years as a salesmen and he still couldn’t convince the ladies of the night to drop their prices. ’One day’ He thought to himself as he opened the door and let the young lady into his car.

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