More Pressing Matters

“Tell me you didn’t meet her at some 24-hour Pretty In Pink marathon,” Jameson said, crunching ice.

“That’s the thing,” Paul admitted, “I know we have history, but I can’t quite place her yet.”

“Maybe it was one of your drunken sexcapades,” Jameson responded.

The moment of self-reflection over, Paul returned to more pressing matters. He tossed his friend a copy of Cliff’s Notes: A Separate Peace. “Remember the paper has to be good this time. Oh, and don’t forget to mention the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session. They get their rocks off jumping out of trees or something.”

“You can’t expect me to write your paper now?” Jameson replied.

“Why not? We had a deal.

“In case you missed it, I don’t have the girl. That was part of the deal.

“That’ll work itself out, bro,” Paul said, dismissively. “And don’t forget to mention that Gene is jealous of Finny, so he jostles the limb Finny’s standing on and he falls off the tree.”

“I’d like to jostle the limb you’re standing on,” Jameson said.

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