ephlen came up to me when i was done rambling and said, “forgive me for this, my queen, but it’s necessary.”
there was a sharp pain, then everything went black.
“well, my goodness, you were right, eh?” i heard an unfamiliar female voice say.
“here, alsmora, come with me. we must discuss the preparations for the ceremony,” ephlen said.
i opened my eyes to find myself in a hut, lying on a dirt floor. i looked out the open “door” to find ephlen speaking quietly with a beautiful girl. she had white-blonde hair and deep brown eyes with porcelain skin and a perfectly proportioned slim frame shrouded in a green dress.
“ah, so the great queen’s awake, hm?” she said when she spotted me looking at them. the girl walked in and introduced herself. “i am alsmora, and i will be your personal trainer,” she said with a grin.
“personal trainer,” i said. “interesing … oh, by the way, my name’s giselle.”
ephlen began to walk out and said, “i will go tell father that the one we have been waiting for has arrived.”

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