OTOC's Problem With A Challenge (A Very Blunt But Drawing Title, Eh?)

See, now this is a problem. Genres are different groups and those different groups have different qualities about them. If you’re going for lyrics, listen to country. If you’re going for beat with little to no lyric meaning whatsoever, then listen to hiphop. If you’re going for a singable tune, listen to pop. If you’re going for extreme instrument exaggeration (in the good way) then listen to rock/alternative.

And here, the challenge is to take lyrics and apply them to your life. This is truly a challenge, for I listen to hiphop, and at this very moment even I am listening to Sexy Can I by Ray-J featuring Young Berg. Fairly soon I will be listening to Stan by Eminem. But next up is What You Got by Colbie O’Donis featuring Akon. None of which these songs I can apply to any section of my life.


So, in the sequel I will be making momentarily and possibly publishing in an hour, maybe more, I must find some actual lyrics.

Guys wanna come treat you right;
Cuz youre sweeter than apple pie..

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