Bagman: Reverse ADHD

The best of us, we’re not anything but a freak of genetics. I like to think of it as a kind of reversed ADHD . Me, I can pay too much attention to too many things all at once.

The newsfeed was wild. VTOL sweeping low, red-head leaping aboard amidst a fury of bullets. There was a TV in the diner, and the criminals had seen the coverage going on right above them and opened fire on the roof. The reporter got shot, judging by the curses that came over the feed.

Benny’s feed wasn’t much better. He was at the outskirts of the scene, blue uniforms standing ready, guns aimed. Silhouettes of sharpshooters showed on nearby rooftops. He was moving slow, along the periphery in a carefully haphazard manner, avoiding attention by skirting shadows and obstructions. The gas-station diner loomed close.

The camera inside the diner showed one of the gunmen unloading his ammunition on the roof. The other stood guard. The newsfeed pinged ricochets off of the armored VTOL .

Damn, I thought. Some crazy shit here.

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