An Invitation to My Destiny

You can’t just dive into the middle of a story and expect to understand anything. So we must first glance at the days of Brad before seeing the Era of Todd. We’ll get there. I promise.

I was hanging out in my English room half an hour before school started. I lived there in the mornings in seventh grade. Brad knew that.

Brad. My health class/choir/band friend upon whom I was developing a crush. Tall, blondish, curly-ish hair, incredibly sweet. Good actor/singer, teased often.

At any rate, he came into Mrs. Lyle’s room with an envelope. “Kylie”, it said, in his ridiculously flowery writing. I opened it while he stood there watching.
“You are officially invited to see me play Winthrop Paroo in the High School production of The Music Man this weekend.”
We conversed a bit, and he showed me another envelope, upon which were shoved the names of all his other friends. I felt incredibly special. I had my own.

I agreed to go see him. Little did I know that I’d catch a glimpse of destiny.

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